Roger Federer is the best player ever, can win Wimbledon - Former legend

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Roger Federer is the best player ever, can win Wimbledon - Former legend

In an interview to Ansa, the 1976 French Open winner Adriano Panatta praised Roger Federer following the Swiss player's triumph at the Dubai Open. "100 career-titles are really a lot", recognized the former Italian player.

"Roger is a player out of the common, I think he is the greatest who has ever played, for the number of wins, game quality, longevity and style. I guarantee you that playing at that level at that age is not easy. He is the greatest ever."

Panatta thinks Federer can win his ninth Wimbledon this year: "For him winning a tournament at the best of two sets to three is easier, a Major becomes tougher because it's a two-week competition at the best of five sets.

With some luck he could win Wimbledon, maybe US Open too, I don't think the French Open because he always struggled on clay even when he was at his best." Matias Delgado was one of the most important players in the history of FC Basel, a club supported by Roger Federer.

The Argentinean spoke about how much Federer cares about the team in an interview to ESPN. "Roger knew absolutely everything about the team. He was even seeing the friendly match, even though the match was not broadcasted on any site, he was hearing how it went."

He also revealed a funny anecdote: "One day he gave me a racket of his own signed by him. He made me promise that I would use it to play and he asked me a photo when I was playing tennis with it. He promised me that if the sign cancelled, I would call him to make him sign it again."