I try helping Roger Federer wherever I can, says coach

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I try helping Roger Federer wherever I can, says coach

For Severin Luthi, being honest when coaching Roger Federer is the key. Speaking to Tages Anzeiger, Luthi said: "Roger is always open to the criticism. Because he knows I just want to help him. But for many it's not like this: when they are okay, they will not listen to anybody anymore.

And when things go bad, they listen at everything. Roger is different. Stan Wawrinka as well once told me: 'Keep me low when it's needed! No problem!' These are fascinating things." Luthi is an experienced coach despite being just 42 years old.

He gave a lot of credit to Federer: "You can be the best coach in the world but if you have not the player, you cannot do anything. The coach's credit is difficult to decide. If you say that it's 2 per cent, people think you have less influence.

But it may exactly be 2 per cent. In the end, it's always the player who stays on court. But I am convinced we are doing an important job. For me, the best coach is the one who gets as much as possible from the player."

How does he imagine his daily work? "The work has a lot of variety. First of all, there are on-court training sessions. With an experienced player like Roger, you will speak to him about what to do once he heads into the court.

Then there is the match preparation, and the video studio of the opponent belongs it. The post-match analysis. So the short term plan: how often and how much do we practice this week? The yearly plan, the choice of right hitting partners for certain training blocks.

Or details, for example, the right balls. There are a ton of things that not only the coach can do. Then there are situations where I try to protect Roger. I try helping everywhere I can. Of course as a friend. If he asks me how I can help with kids, I definitely do it too."