Roger Federer: 'Wimbledon 2008 was pinnacle of rivarly with Rafael Nadal'

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Roger Federer: 'Wimbledon 2008 was pinnacle of rivarly with Rafael Nadal'

In an interview to USA Today, Roger Federer commented on what makes his rivalry with Rafael Nadal so special. The Swiss player is down 15-23 on the head to head meetings with the Spaniard but has won the last five matches played against him.

"I think his playing style has been the most challenging for me with the one-hander. I think he’s been pretty tough", Federer admitted speaking in Indian Wells. "From the beginning, it was extremely exciting and right away, right off the bat, we had great matches and a lot of finals, from the beginning of his career (in 2003).

And then I think with the epic — the pinnacle match we had in 2008 at Wimbledon. And, of course, the match we had a couple of years ago in Australia was epic. Our two games-styles match up well together. Yeah, (Novak) Djokovic would be second in this generation.

I really loved the rivalries I had with (Andy) Roddick, (Lleyton) Hewitt and (Marat) Safin and those guys." Federer also commented on his future once he ends his career. The 37-year-old looks forward to it: "I’m trying to keep it open when I’m done, just to have options.

I have a family, which is my priority as you know. I just want to make sure that always comes first and for that, I have to have as free as schedule as possible. I’m just really happy that Mirka and myself keep a great group of friends around ourselves throughout this 20-year career.

I'm not worried when I’m sitting at home that I’ll be there alone. We have great friends and family. Can’t wait as well for that to come around. I would like to start doing all the sports as well because I put all that aside.

I would like to start to ski again, like to pick up an instrument again, learn how to skate and learn ice hockey. I still have a lot of things I’d like to do."