Roger Federer picks his favorite match win ever

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Roger Federer picks his favorite match win ever

What is the favourite success that Roger Federer got during his career? The Swiss player answered this question picking the 2017 five-set Australian Open final win over Rafael Nadal. "It was just the fairy-tale ending to the great comeback and it had everything," said Federer, who indicated his maiden Major title, 2003 Wimbledon, as his most significant one.

Federer also reflected on what it meant to him to win 100 career-titles: “What I like about it is that it’s maybe also a little time to reflect on all these great moments and great titles that I’ve had that for me were all very important.

And of course, some were more important than others. Some were nicer than others but in the end, everyone has a special meaning for me. Especially, it’s an achievement that I never thought I was going to make and one I only started really thinking about maybe in the last, I don’t know, nine months or year or so, ever since maybe I’d gotten to 96, 97.

I don’t remember where I even won those titles. But that’s when you start to think, ‘Ninety-eight, 99. You’re that close. It would be a pity to retire before that.’ It’s not what kept me on the road, to be honest, but then first attempt, in the finals, it’s nice to pass the hurdle and get to 100 rather than going to every single event from now on and going, ‘Is this going to be the week where you’re going to reach 100?’ ‘Yeah, I hope so,’ and then I think all the players would have gotten fed up with that, too, so I’m happy I got it out of the way”.