Roger Federer: 'Marton Fucsovics should be very proud for what he has done'

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Roger Federer: 'Marton Fucsovics should be very proud for what he has done'

In his on-court interview following his win over Marton Fucsovics in the Dubai Open quarter-finals, Roger Federer commented on the Hungarian player's progresses. Fucsovics reached his maiden Grand Slam fourth round at the 2018 Australian Open losing just to Federer in a straight-set match.

Fucsovics had a tight meeting with Federer in Dubai as well, having lost 7-6 6-4. "It was, I would not say stocked a little bit but it was a challenge for a little bit so I love guys taking to the next level", said Federer.

"Cracked in top 100, cracked in top 70 and then moving on to the top 50 and now well established. It's tricky to stay up there because you first may have a little disadvantage, don't know the players so well, don't know your weaknesses so well, but he showed he can handle it.

He can play well on surfaces, he won last year in Geneva so that was an amazing win for him, backed up another final a couple of weeks ago and here again in the quarters. And if you are gonna keep playing at that level, you can establish, you get used to practicing with the top guys, beat the top guys.

He was very close tonight so I think he should be very proud for what he has done in the last few years." Analyzing his win furthermore, Federer added: "A lot of matches have not been easy. People think, when you look at the score, Oh, 7-6 6-4, oh, it was straight forward, straight sets, but if you were in the stadium you really see how close all these matches have become close at the top level, so I know what it takes and what it is, so that's why you never underestimate anybody, you try your best.

So I was very happy with the level of play, sometimes being frustrated at times but that was may be the wind and Fucsovics played a really good match. So I really enjoyed myself even though it was tricky but that's the challenge and that's what I am here for."