No one will forget Federer and Nadal, but tennis has a future - Zurutuza

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No one will forget Federer and Nadal, but tennis has a future - Zurutuza

In an interview, as quoted by Medio Tiempo, the Acapulco Mexican Open Tournament Director Raul Zurutuza commented on the event in general and the future of tennis. "We saw a lot of clashes between younger guys and veterans, we are seeing the generational change these years.

Rafa and Wawrinka's losses may be strange but not so much, Kyrgios has the big ability to make a switch, he won and we are seeing new players. No one will forget (Roger) Federer, (Rafael) Nadal, (Novak) Djokovic and (Andy) Murray and we will have to get used to see younger players, Ferrer now is going through a new stage", said Zurutuza.

Nadal's last year withdrawal could have influenced the tickets sales of this year, but it went even better: "The most important thing is that the tournament grew and does not depend on a figure, we have the responsibility to do as best as possible and bring as many top ten players ad possible but big stars are not always needed, the Grand Stands had big openings."

Zurutuza feels satisfied with the attendance overall: "It's important to always improve and it went very well. Until yesterday (Friday) we had 60,000 fans, a year ago it was 64,000, so we will overtake this number.

For the first time in history, Monday and Tuesday were totally sold, which is very good, we had entire families and it speaks well about the tournament. I love that young guys skip lessons to come to the tournament."