Playing Hopman Cup with Roger Federer helped me a lot, says Bencic

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Playing Hopman Cup with Roger Federer helped me a lot, says Bencic

In a press conference in Dubai Belinda Bencic commented on how it felt to play the Hopman Cup in Perth for three years in a row alongside Roger Federer. The 21-year-old said: "It would be wrong if it didn't help me.

I definitely think the Hopman Cup gives me so much. It's actually my favourite event of the year. Yeah, you know, just playing with all those champions, there were so many this year, it's amazing to playing against them, to playing with them.

You can learn really so much. The event is just full of energy. It's great." Bencic is happy with the level she is playing at: "It feels great. Yeah, I'm just really happy. I'm back. I knew it was still in me, even after the injuries.

You cannot just come back like this and play (snapping fingers). Otherwise, it wouldn't show how good tennis is. Players are playing two, three years constantly on the level, they're playing semifinals, finals. You cannot just expect to be back after the injury and play like this.

I had to work my way back. I knew it was in me, but I'm happy that I could finally show it." Did it feel like a long process, longer than perhaps expected? "No. Expectation is something I've talked about many times before.

It's always when you're up, people expect you to be back up again. As I said, I had no expectations. My dad came to the court today, he told me one good thing. It was: Do you realize who do you even play, where you play? Be a little bit grateful for that. I think that was good."