Roger Federer's agent opens up on big Laver Cup appearance fees

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Roger Federer's agent opens up on big Laver Cup appearance fees
Roger Federer's agent opens up on big Laver Cup appearance fees

In an interview to Tages Anzeiger, Roger Federer's agent Tony Godsick opened up on the huge appearance fees that top players like Rafael Nadal in 2017 or Novak Djokovic in 2018 got to play in the team competition. Godsick did not disclose the exact amount of money, but he said: "They depend on a ranking that does not get published.

The world rankings after the French Open decides how much you get. There aren't negotiations like on the ATP Tour. The first three players in Europe and in the rest of the world directly get qualified, the other three get picked by the captains." It does not matter how much it costs? "We already looking at a profitable event.

Over the first year in Prague we lost money, in Chicago we were already up and we expect it in Geneva too. But this not our main goal. The goal is to build something in the long term, put roots and build a platform that involves people who like fans, endorsements and players.

I think we are on the right path. We also gave first class endorsements. Rolex is the founding member and it comes from Geneva. We want to hold an event that Switzerland has never seen before. At least in tennis but maybe also for other sporting events." The tickets for watching the tournament live in Geneva over all the three days start from $260, which raised some criticism around the event.

"There was a pre-tickets sale and the cheapest tickets always go away first. The demand was good. The fact that we were able to sell them in mid-February for an event that takes place in September is a good thing for the players and coaches who will come and also for the concept. Switzerland always backed tennis and Davis Cup."

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