Roger Federer reveals the toughest decisions taken in his career

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Roger Federer reveals the toughest decisions taken in his career

Roger Federer believes that making the right choices in the key time of his career was very important. The Swiss player, at 14 years of age, moved to Ecublens to train at the Swiss National Tennis Centre. He also hired a new agent, Tony Godsick, back in 2006.

"I took strong decisions in terms of management, you know, throughout my career. Took strong decisions with coaching", said Federer, who was coachless in 2004. "Had some moments where I let go of coaches that were maybe for the outside people not a logical step, you know, but for me really the only step.

I made mistakes, I guess, along the way also in this regard, but still, as a player, you have to believe. It's your career. You know, you've got to go after your gut feeling and heart and go where your heart takes you.

We only have one career, so I really tried to make the most of that, but do it the nice way. If I did it, it was always with respect and so forth." Federer also credited his wife's support Mirka: "You know, I think I definitely got lucky to have met Mirka so early, too.

If you speak professionally speaking, for my life, gave me great consistency. And she was very professional as a player herself, which I can't say of myself early on in my career. A lot of things went well for me, the people I had around me, friends and family and coaches, and so forth. Yeah, don't know where to start. I have a lot of people to thank when it all comes to the very end."