Roger Federer cannot understand Novak Djokovic, says insider

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Roger Federer cannot understand Novak Djokovic, says insider

In an interview with Blick TV, former Switzerland Davis Cup captain Claudio Mezzadri commented again on the relationship between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. In December, on Sky Sport Mezzadri, had revealed Federer did not understand Djokovic, and now, he reiterated his statements.

"Roger likes emphatic people who appreciate each other. Because of this, he has some struggle with Djokovic. There were situations where everybody had to adapt to him (Novak). They are friendly but reserved with each other.

Roger told me that although Novak was nice and funny, he could not understand him," said Mezzadri. "When the crowd supports his opponent, Djoker reacts with bored gestures. Even if he is looking for the fans' love, he always goes out of mind.

For Roger, Novak's reactions reflect the obscure side of his character. While with Rafael Nadal besides the intensity on the court there is a lot of respect and kindness." Mezzadri feels that all the controversy surrounding the ATP Chief Executive and President Chris Kermode could have been avoided.

"There are players who prefer the war. Like (Ivan) Lendl and (John) McEnroe in the past." The Strokes of Genius celebrating Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's 2008 Wimbledon final match has been having a lot of success lately as a book, and then as a movie on The Tennis Channel.

Speaking at the BNP Paribas Open, the book's author Jon Wertheim said: "They were both so cooperative with the book and the documentary. They were great in terms of saying, we're not going to stop you, ask me what you want to ask.

This isn't a project that they are part of necessarily, so it's not like one of these authorized biographies. But they were both so generous with their time." Wertheim loved living the rivalry between Federer and Nadal who played 38 matches against each other: "I've covered these guys since they both came on tour, so you just can't not run into them from time to time.

You think about the longevity of them and one of the things is we have a relationship lasting 15, 20 years; over the course of that time you build a rapport."