Vijay Amritraj: 'Roger Federer is a magician, genius'

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Vijay Amritraj: 'Roger Federer is a magician, genius'

India's tennis legend Vijay Amritraj praised Roger Federer on winning his 100th career-title in Dubai. The Swiss player is now competing in Indian Wells trying to seek another trophy. "Well, he has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a genius", admitted Amritraj speaking to Zee News.

"He is a great, incredible champion among the champions. Even winning 20 major titles in his career so far, he still stays very strong and relevant. Every time he goes to a tournament, he is unimaginable. He is a magician."

Amritraj is promoting the Road to Wimbledon: "It has been around for a few years now. I think this is something that I could not even dream about when I was playing the game. We were said that Wimbledon was our goal...

your dream was to get into it. I was telling the kids today that here Wimbledon is coming to you and that is such a special magical moment for them to understand what it (Wimbledon) is all about and to give themselves a chance to get to this pinnacle of the sport.

This kind of fulfilled their dream. I think so Road to Wimbledon will help in cultivating strong tennis players from the country because this is a big boost for both boys and girls in this under-14 years category which is critical to give them the opportunity of three or four years before they get to play junior Wimbledon. I think it is a critical element for growth."