I thought Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were done in 2016, says Becker

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I thought Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were done in 2016, says Becker

In an interview, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker admitted he was surprised at seeing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal coming back to their best level in the 2017 season splitting two Grand Slams each. The German thought that the 2016 year, when Federer played his last tournament of the season at Wimbledon in July and Nadal at the Shanghai Masters in October, had almost put an end to their careers.

"I can't praise him enough", said Becker on Federer. "I was the first one when I have heard that both players would take four, five, six months off, I was very doubtful people to comeback especially given his age.

And in Rafa's case given the nature of his style, he is very physical but they have proven everybody wrong. You can't praise enough for how much determination, willpower, discipline but also ultimate love for the game they must have had because they are champions, they do not need to comeback.

They made enough money, they have been enough number ones so the only reason for them to comeback is because they love to compete, they love the game. We cannot give him enough words because these two guys will not play forever and once they stop we will truly understand the accomplishments they have done."

Novak Djokovic came back on a high note as well, in 2018. Speaking on his comeback, the Serb himself said: "I had great support of the team around me. Obviously, I had to change my racket and alternate my server a little bit but the last three or four months were terrific and it all paid off."