Tennis looks easy when Roger Federer plays - Former cricket star

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Tennis looks easy when Roger Federer plays - Former cricket star

In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, the former cricket player Sachin Tendulkar praised Roger Federer's longevity and passion for the game. Tendulkar has been a passionate fan of the Swiss player for a long time, as confirmed by himself.

"I have been following Roger since 2001-2002", said Tendulkar. "I remember the days when Yuvi would be Andy Roddick and I would support Rog. Those were early days (Federer Was long way away from being a legend).

Yuvi would talk about the power game of Roddick and would speak of Roger's finesse, class and incredible shots. I was convinced when I saw his abilities to create those angles. Well, for me, the simple thing is when Roger plays tennis, tennis looks easy.

Everyone starts believing that they too can play tennis, because Roger makes the game look so easy. Simple. That is the beauty of Roger." "The secret of durability has to be passion and love for the game", added Tendulkar.

"Evolution is important, you have to continue to evolve, the rules (of the game) keep changing. Different rules and you have to evolve. It applies to all sports. At no stage, he seems to be looking to be struggling to get to the ball.

The shots he hits because he manages to cover the ground. Watching tennis has been a joy." Federer had a good 2019 season so far winning his 100th career-title in Dubai after a great final where he prevailed over Stefanos Tsitsipas.