I can't imagine my children becoming tennis professionals - Roger Federer

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I can't imagine my children becoming tennis professionals - Roger Federer

Roger Federer regularly travels on tour with his four children and wife Mirka, and the Indian Wells tournament does not make an exception. His four-year-old boys Leo and Lenny are reportedly more interested at tennis than the nine-year-olds Myla and Charlene.

"I am happy if they can sit through a match and not get bored", said Federer. "They do not have to play tennis by any means. I am happy if they enjoy playing tennis a little bit, recreationally and with their friends and if they choose to go pro, which I can't imagine, I will support them but I'd like them to try out different sports for now but the sports that we set out that they could or should do, they should them for a longer period of time, not do fencing for two months and then go play tennis for two months.

It should be a bit of continuation and I am happy they enjoy themselves at the tennis because they have also other friends in town right now with other players who have kids and they really enjoy the tour and it makes my life much easier on the road and if they are happy, I am happy.

So it's very simple." Federer also gave an important suggestion about the importance of playing other sports than just tennis: "I think it helped me in a way that it didn't make me get bored of the game and that's why I would tell all the juniors and kids out there do other sports too, for fun go play squash, go ride your bike, go play basketball, go ski, whatever it is until everything becomes more serious and really serious and you can get really hurt.

But until you are in the 15s I think you can really do everything and even later on too because if you only start focusing so match on one sport, only, I feel like you can get burned out and start seeing the sport as a job rather than a hobby and I still see tennis as my hobby that became my dream job but I think it's really good for the mind to the different sports even though nowadays I have stopped everything because I am just too scared to get hurt."