Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal came to my house to speak about tennis future

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Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal came to my house to speak about tennis future
Roger Federer: Rafael Nadal came to my house to speak about tennis future

In an interview to The Tennis Channel, Roger Federer revealed that his rival Rafael Nadal came to his house in Indian Wells last week to speak about the future of men's tennis now that the ATP Chief Executive Chris Kermode will leave the board at the end of the year.

What should be done better, looking at the long-term? "I am not quite sure, to be honest," admitted the Basel native. "We are in a very interesting time where we need to have a clear plan and I am not sure what the plan is and then that's the little or big thing I am worried about.

I do believe we have unbelievable players, great matches, new guys coming through, stadiums are full, prize money has gone up. I do not know where to start, everything is great it seems like." He added, "ATP has got their own Cup coming, Davis Cup is changing its format – we will see how that will be – Laver Cup is doing really well, so from that standpoint everything is great and then you talk about politics - oh my god what's going on here - so I think we need to figure it out and I'd like to just get a feel the pulse of where we are about to go because clearly we are going to decide who the new CEO is gonna be - the political side of the game has to do that but I would like to take an active role to some extent as much as I have time as I have and willing to be part of the process because I do care and if I care I should put in a little work as well and I spoke to Rafa the other day, for quite some time he came to the house, we had coffee together and we are just going through what is going on and what I am happy about is that we are aligned and we agree that we should be talking and coming up with a proper plan and I'd like to hear that from the council and had some more players and people just to get a better idea of what's going on."

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