Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic had no time to speak with me

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Roger Federer: Novak Djokovic had no time to speak with me

In an interview to Tages Anzeiger, Roger Federer reflected on Chris Kermode's removal as the ATP President. The Swiss player, who once was a part of the player's council, said: "It's difficult for me to give a clear opinion because I am not politically active anymore.

I want people who are on board to do it. For me, it's just important to know why it happened and what should happen now. I want to know what's the reason that makes you think Kermode did not do a good job. In the past, there were always situations where you were like: either he or she has to go away, you cannot do it anymore.

But that wasn't Kermode's case." Asked if he spoke with Novak Djokovic, Federer replied: "I tried meeting Novak before the deadline (the decisive board meeting last week). Unfortunately, he had no time. That's difficult to understand for me.

But it's okay. He definitely had a lot to do with all this history. I asked him if he had the time to meet me, he was so busy. He suggested that we see each other the day after, but everything was decided. We have not met each other yet and the tournament has started."

Federer concluded: "I am interested in what is happening behind (the scenes), why it happened. I have to think if I should be more involved in the future, for the tour' interest or if I should be involved a bit without going through politics.

I do not want to spend the entire time on it but I cannot simply go away and say I am not interested. I have to get informed and I did that in the last days. I also spoke with Rafa. We are on the same page, that's important for him and me."