I wouldn't bet against Nadal on clay, Roger Federer on fast courts - Becker

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I wouldn't bet against Nadal on clay, Roger Federer on fast courts - Becker

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker does not see Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal dominating the 2019 season. In an interview with Tennis Magazin, the former world No. 1 German said: "They may do well but not so often anymore.

But I would not still bet against Nadal on clay and against Federer on fast courts. But the dominance ended. Different things would surprise me a lot. The way is free for the younger guys. In 2018 you saw close matches. Rafa dominated on clay again and Roger, when he is in a good day, dominates as well.

Novak Djokovic's comeback was surprising. However, there was room for a Zverev to win tournaments and that will happen more often in 2019. Now it's about promoting the younger players because in the past there were two who were just alone.

You cannot commercialise Federer and Nadal. That will be a challenge for the ATP, but ITF as well, find the right strategy for the Next Gen. That didn't happen so far." On the new Davis Cup format, Becker added: "I want to give every new idea a shot.

There is an unbelievable amount of money on the table and that's the good side. Tennis is getting popular, many International investors are pushing on it. That's good for business. I do not think the new Davis Cup concept was delivered until the latest detail.

There is still room for improvements and I think that the first year will be different from the third or fourth. You also have to think about who wants to play at the end of the season." Are we seeing a clash between ATP and ITF? "I do not think that's a conflict.

Everyone wants to jump on the next train. Everyone wants to have the best concept for the future of tennis. That's good. I know the players better, I watch a lot of matches. In the interviews, I learned a lot about a player's character.

I look better at the top 100-120 players, I am able to describe their quality better. I became a better expert than I was five years ago."