'Roger Federer and Nadal returning to Player's Council would be great'

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'Roger Federer and Nadal returning to Player's Council would be great'

The ATP Player Board released a statement on Tuesday to comment about the controversial situation involving the ATP Chief Executive and President Chris Kermode. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met each other at the Swiss player's house in Indian Wells and they both said they would be available to co-operate with the player's council if someone needs their help.

Alex Inglot, David Egdes and tennis coach Justin Gimelstob would love to see the two big legends joining the group. "Following recent comments, coverage and speculation, the three Player Board Representatives have decided to clarify a few matters", it was said in a press release.

"While it is somewhat surprising to see the amount of coverage dedicated to this internal governance decision, it has been disappointing to see the divisions and suspicions that have been stoked in that coverage. All members of the Player Council, including the 10 current players, as well as the three Player Board Representatives, have spent months discussing and debating the merits and concerns with renewing Chris’ contract.

It is worth adding at this point that we have heard in recent days that some of our greatest icons are interested in re-entering the political conversations and helping us and the Council guide the next phase of this sport’s growth.

This is fantastic news and all of us welcome them and their unique perspectives. In the end, however, the Player Council, in consultation with the Player Board Representatives, decided that the Player Board Representatives were best placed to make the decision on behalf of the player membership.

To be clear, this was not a decision made or driven by one or two individuals’ personal beliefs or agendas. While the Tour has had a strong five years, we felt that the time was right to look to a new leader for the future.

Given the strong feelings, this has generated, finding a candidate mutually acceptable to players and tournaments appears a difficult prospect."