Roger Federer reveals private conversation with Belinda Bencic

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Roger Federer reveals private conversation with Belinda Bencic

In a press conference at the BNP Paribas Open Roger Federer commented on Belinda Bencic's comeback to the highest tennis level. The 21-year-old was a top 10 player in 2015, then she suffered some injuries but she is now back to the top.

"No. 1, I'm very happy for her, of course", said Federer in a press conference. "It's one of those dreams that runs everyone who wants to get on and win a bunch of matches in a row. It's a wonderful feeling for a player.

You work so hard for it to string wins together. When it finally happens, it's very rewarding. So that's nice for her. I think she's -- yeah, she's a great girl. I think she's worked extremely hard, and I think it's been difficult for her the last few years, you know, fighting through several injuries, you know, and just getting things right I think in the game but also in her head.

I feel like she's really -- was extremely close, I thought, this year in Perth already, you know, but still a little bit too emotional for my liking. I try to just talk to her a little bit about what I thought she needed to take it to the next level.

We talked last year, in particular, a lot about her team, and I just tried to give her sound advice from somebody who's got no need to -- there is no benefit for me. It's all about her. I think probably she enjoys talking to somebody who really only cares for her well-being.

I'm happy that she was able to turn things around so quickly right after Australia. I thought it was going to take much more time. I'm very impressed by the steps that she's taken by herself and also with her fitness coach and her dad, that it's all working out. I'm just really happy for them."