Kohlschreiber reveals how Roger Federer match helped him to beat Djokovic

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Kohlschreiber reveals how Roger Federer match helped him to beat Djokovic

Philipp Kohlschreiber felt pleased with the game plan he delivered during his straight-set win over Novak Djokovic in Indian Wells. Speaking in a press conference the German said: "Of course you always try to work on a few things.

I think the surface here suits my game very well. I can go around my backhand many times, play aggressively with the forehand. So always the spin picks up a lot of bounce here. Yeah, I don't want to say that I didn't play well in the past.

I played a good match against Roger in Dubai. Also good match against Raonic. I think I just try to continue to have a very clear mindset, that I'm doing well. Of course most important is always the victory on the court, to build up the confidence.

Yeah, I think there was a great start in the first match here. And also against Nick, I would say he was the big favourite, coming up with the victory in Acapulco. Took on the big stage against him and played great tennis. And continue to do that today was, yeah, it's very great.

I move around the court quite well. Defending skills are not that bad. I have, on both sides, I think good striking power. So if you're not able to really hit through me, I'm able to create a lot of angles, topspin, speed on both sides.

If I'm feeling well or have good timing, it's not easy to make points against me. And especially the slower conditions, which helps me to get better timing, yeah, I'm able to create a lot of power on slow balls, which also helps me to create a lot of speeds on these conditions.

And also my topspin is bouncing a lot. My serve maybe picks up a little bit. Yeah, more speed or more bounce in these conditions. So it helps me to go through my service games sometimes a little bit easier. Yeah, I think overall, I'm a very consistent player.

Return, as well. I think it's not a big weakness I have, so if you don't really find the way where you can really hit through me, I think it's always a big fight against me."