Roger Federer would be slightly favorite against Rafael Nadal - Pundit

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Roger Federer would be slightly favorite against Rafael Nadal - Pundit

Luca Boschetto believes that Roger Federer would slightly be the favorite to defeat Rafael Nadal in an eventual semifinal clash in Indian Wells on Saturday. Speaking on Sky Sport, the Italian pundit said: "Roger probably played his best match of the week against Stan Wawrinka, he was very motivated, they are friends and Roger likes playing at night.

I see Federer having more chances than Nadal because so far Rafa played at a good level but Federer even higher. In 2017 Nadal always lost to Federer, four matches, but we will see if they will go there. Nadal knows how to win on hard but he is not as successful as he is on clay.

He is doing well physically, and on other surfaces his performance depends on his injuries. If he is doing well, he can be competitive everywhere. We will soon see Khachanov at the top when the famous changing of the guard will happen, he is not at his best level so I think Nadal wins but Rafa will have to earn the win."

Gael Monfils looks the man to beat on the top half: "It's the best start of the season ever in his career", admitted Boschetto. 'He often got injured - he once twisted his ankle at the changeover - but he is so fast with his feet, he is so talented and I would bet a coffee on Monfils rather than Dominic Thiem.

The Austrian had a very bad start to the season, he got bad results on clay and now he is doing well on hard. His new coach Nicolas Massu may be an extra weapon, he was so tough in terms of fighting spirit so Dominic may get helped from it.

They are great returners, they can win this match and eventually the title, why not, they may triumph. Djokovic is not that good at the net but they can get more wins and ahead of the Miami Open Fognini may get helped from it."