Shapovalov on one-handed backhand: I'm upset with what Roger Federer said

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Shapovalov on one-handed backhand: I'm upset with what Roger Federer said

Denis Shapovalov did not expect Roger Federer to say that his two kids Leo and Lenny are trying the two-handed backhand rather than the one-handed that the Swiss hits. In his press conference after his win over Marin Cilic in Indian Wells, the Canadian said: "I'm so upset Roger said that about the one-handers.

I think it's an unbelievable shot. I think he's right that it's a tough shot to teach, especially when you're young because you're not strong enough. A lot of players are getting the ball above your head, it's tough to hit, for sure.

I think in the long run it's an unbelievable shot. It's a great -- like we mentioned, you know, everyone loves seeing a one-hander. It's just so pretty to watch, first of all, but it's also so effective. I don't think with a two-hander you could hit a shot like I did today.

With the one (handed backhand), you have a little bit more flexibility to kind of go for and maneuver the ball. I definitely stand strong on the one-hand side. Yeah, I mean, I love it, and I think so many great players had one-handers.

So it is a great shot." Elaborating on the part about one-handed backhand-holders having little more freedom, Shapovalov said, "Definitely. Definitely a lot more freedom. I think you can create a lot more, a lot more angles.

Obviously with the two-hander, if you get a guy like Novak whose two-hand is unbelievable, you could hit it just as well. But I think with the one-hander, as you get stronger, it's easier to hit the angles and go quick.

Actually, at the end of the day, it's just kind of a player's preference, you know. When I was growing up, naturally I was letting go, I felt more comfortable with the one-hander. So I think it's a bit of a preference, but I do love the one-hand."