Roger Federer playing in Madrid is a good thing, says Simona Halep

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Roger Federer playing in Madrid is a good thing, says Simona Halep

Speaking to Digi Sport, Simona Halep commented on Roger Federer's appearance at the Madrid Open. The Romanian investor Ion Tiriac, who is a close Halep's friend, owns the tournament and she is definitely pleased with the news.

"It's a good thing that Federer comes, it will be great. I wish the tournament a good luck", said Halep. Analyzing her loss to Marketa Vondrousova in Indian Wells, Halep added: "That a loss is not like you lose the battle.

I have to learn what I have done wrong today and just looking forward for tomorrow. It's a new day. And that I have enough power to move forward even if I lost today. And to believe in myself. He always told me that. Actually, I met him, Gil Reyes, few years ago before No.

1 and Grand Slam, and his words help me a lot always. I think she, Vondrousova, played really well today. I found the rhythm after the second set. I felt like I can win that match. But after that first game, I lost a lot of energy, those balls, and I feel like I rushed a little bit more after, and I made some mistakes.

Then she dominated the match. I think I played a little bit wrong. I was running too much and too defensive. But it's everything I could do today, and I just want to chill now and then to see how I have to play better against her."

On the Stadium 2 environment, Halep added: "It's a little bit too noisy, because the people are talking nonstop. But we are in the same position, both of the players. I don't pay much attention on that. I just try to focus on every point."

Halep feels she has a different mentality now: "Losses are easier now. I shake it off faster, but still, I'm disappointed and upset. Actually, today I cried after a long time. It's normal. And I give 100% of my inside on every match, every tournament, so that's why I suffer a little bit when I lose.

But I learn from these matches. I'm looking forward for the next week, next tournament, and I won't give up."