Roger Federer reveals the special gift Wimbledon made him twice

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Roger Federer reveals the special gift Wimbledon made him twice

Roger Federer revealed he received a nice gift from Wimbledon organizers on two of the eight years he won the men's singles title. In an interview, Federer said he tries to keep the most important memorabilia of a win. "Not just the shoes but also the closets alone I always tried to keep to per outfit and then also sometimes when I won Wimbledon a couple of times, I got the Wimbledon net which is very cool.

I have it all rolled up at home but one day I would like to open it and put it against the wall, and so I can look at it. So I have a very cool memorabilia of my career." Federer also commented on his perception towards outfits: "There is an emotional connection, of course, the good thing is that I changed my outfit probably ten to 12 times a year so that means I have 10 to 12 different colourways of shoes coming.

In 2017 i was playing in my Vapor Flying, then we mixed it up with the Jordan defy red or the Jordan the Atmos. Of course if you win a big tournament like Wimbledon or the Australian Open you are gonna keep as many shoes as you can, but I also try to auction them off for charity or sometimes I just want to give them away to some friends who have been incredibly helpful for me to get to that goal to let's say winning Wimbledon."

He promoted several new collections over the years with Nike: "The launch of the Atmos was awesome, playing in the snow in Switzerland with my kids, that was awesome. I could not believe we got back from New York and we built a snowman and it had a snowball fight on the next morning when we woke up there was snow because I live in the mountains, so it was cold, it was rainy but where we were it was snowy so that was awesome and we also had a wonderful vacation at The Hamptons."