Roger Federer recalls when father Robert left him alone on a tennis court

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Roger Federer recalls when father Robert left him alone on a tennis court

In an interview, Roger Federer recalled when his father Robert left the tennis court while they were hitting together as the tennis champion, who was a kid back in the day, was constantly throwing rackets. "It was a good story, I was practising with my dad and of course we are always fighting because nobody ever listens to your dad.

My kids don't listen to me, I get all frustrated and he said, Look, if you keep behaving the way you are, I am just gonna leave, I will see you at home, and of course I kept on misbehaving, he said That's it, he left a five Swiss Franc and put it on the bench.

Home was like one hour away by tram and bus and I thought there was no chance I would do that, so I waited on the bench for 20 minutes, he never returned, I went to the parking lot to see if the car was there, he was gone and in some ways it marked me.

I said, Okay, I have to grow up, I have to behave better. If I want to become someone I cannot behave this way. So it reminds me of the good old days, how rebellious I used to be", said Federer. The 37-year-old also recalled when he created own shoe collection named after him and the basketball star Michael Jordan: "They asked me, What about co-operating with Jordan, and I am like, Well, of course, he is my hero.

So, of course, I'd like to. And then they are like, Which number, which model would you like to work on. I am like, Three. Then we started coming up with the White, and I love the elephant print. For me it was a dream come true because looking back I can always say, I have a shoe with Michael."