Michael Jordan was my big idol, says Roger Federer

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Michael Jordan was my big idol, says Roger Federer

Roger Federer was asked by SuperTennis TV what his biggest childhood idols. The Swiss named some of the greatest sportsmen. "My idol growing up was Michael Jordan, next to Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg. But Michael Jordan was my big idol.

Of course, Mohammed Ali has been doing incredible things, as well as Tiger Woods. They all did great things and they were people i looked up to, they are inspirations, seeing that they performed at the highest level for a long time, doing things that are not that normal", said the Basel native.

About his passion as a kid, Federer added: "I used to play the piano a little bit when I was younger, I like listening music a lot especially in the car, when I drive a lot or I am in the transportation in tournaments.

I used to listen, Michael Jackson, a lot." Federer is a great historian as well: "I liked to watch Andre Agassi against Pete Sampras, I was lucky enough to play against them, but I am just a fan of my sport and I like watching, it does not matter if it's Djokovic, Nadal, del Potro.

I just like watching tennis, tactics, it can also be doubles or women's tennis." What is the 37-year-old afraid of? "I am afraid of roller coasters, spiders, but they do not live in my living room so it's okay. And If I want to see them I would go to Africa."