Roger Federer explains why he chose tennis over football

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Roger Federer explains why he chose tennis over football

In a recent interview, Roger Federer recalled the time when he chose between tennis and football. The Swiss player, who cheers for FC Basel, said: "I had to sort of take a decision, soccer or tennis. It was quite easy to be honest, I was successful in soccer, but it doesn't go at the pace as tennis goes, soccer takes many more years.

Tennis, I like that I was the one to blame if I lost. Soccer, I was always the bad loser, sometimes I could not believe we lost, and that's not Fair. I need to blame myself if I lost. Then of course I chose tennis, the most I lost, the most I cried.

I thought it was the end of the world, but I love the team competition and that's where I feel i have a bit of a team today. Everybody helping me along the way is a nice feeling to actually being able to celebrate wins and losses."

Federer is aware of his popularity: "Athletes are so recognized around the world because of so many reasons. We have become very popular not just as athletes but then also outside it being ambassadors of different brands and it's nice to be able to jump in and out of character of just playing tennis and honestly becomes a bit boring but you are very interested in doing some media, doing sponsors, doing practice, having a family life.

I love the mix to be quite honest." Federer was asked what was his biggest achievement in a career. The Swiss player did not pick a specific title first: "A big, big goal of mine which I was able to achieve was to become world No.

1, because that's not something that you do just in one week or two weeks. It's something you have to train for and work hard for an entire year you have to probably win 60 to 80 matches, you have to play solid and great for so long and he physically in shape, mentally ready to go, you have to travel, you have to do all. And then, of course, Wimbledon in 2003, the first one, is always gonna for some reason stay the most unique one."