Roger Federer: 'I am very humble despite all my success'

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Roger Federer: 'I am very humble despite all my success'

Roger Federer was always praised for being humble and down-grounded with himself and other people on the tour. The Swiss player is proud for that. "My parents still sees me as a little boy, my wife sees me as the husband, we are very normal, and of course they'd like to see me well dressed and all those things but at the end of the day they just want me to stay the same", said Federer.

"I think I have done a good job of staying who I am. I had to adapt to a new situation being so famous, so recognized, it's difficult to get used to that. Recognition and awareness that everybody might know you but especially this day and age of social media, everybody having a phone, taking pictures, it becomes tricky but I think I have been able to remain the person who I am and I stay very humble.

I don't see that sexy simbol kind of guy and I do not feel that way, I feel like a normal guy who just happens to be quite successful. But it has to start with your family, they have given me everything on my way, they have given me the opportunity and at the end I believe I could do it because of the people around me, so I am happy I listen to them."

Federer showed his humbleness multiple times with his rivals too: "We have a great relationship on the ATP Tour. Players really like each other, of course maybe there is the one or other rival we do not like that much but it's very rare in this age.

I think we almost appreciated that the other person exists and plays so well because it brings the best out of you. I have had a harder time when more rivals were coming up, because I thought I was don't need those guys, I am just happy to dominate and play so well, but it's nice having all these group of guys at the top.

We have played each other 30-40 times and many times we have seen the fair play of the other person, and because of that we truly respect each other a lot."