Roger Federer: 'Nadal and I are the ones who played with the most pain'

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Roger Federer: 'Nadal and I are the ones who played with the most pain'

Speaking to the Swiss-French press in Indian Wells, Roger Federer admitted that he often played dealing with pain in his career. People may think that the Swiss is always fit, on the contrary of his rival Rafael Nadal who often deals with injuries, but that's not the case.

"Well, a lot of people think I never felt pain during my matches, well that‘s not true, Rafa and I are probably the ones who played with the most pain. don't want to talk like I never had problems and never have played with pain.

You don't come through every week and tournament injury-free and pain-free. We approach the topic differently but often we have pain despite we don't talk about it. It doesn't bring anything and just helps the opponent and you have to handle this.

If the pain gets too extreme, too tough and too dangerous, then you can't play anymore, that's clear, but in my roughly 1400 matches I played often with pain. However, when you feel it‘s too dangerous for your body you need to pass", said Federer following his loss to Dominic Thiem in Indian Wells.

The Swiss is confident he will quickly go through this disappointment: “Last year's final was much more dramatic, Juan Martin del Potro and I argued with the umpire, the crowd was much more pumped up, whereas this time I can digest it a bit easier. It was over quite quickly, I already felt a bit relaxed on the podium and I am not interested in negative vibes."