Roger Federer: 'I am not too disappointed, Dominic Thiem was a bit better'

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Roger Federer: 'I am not too disappointed, Dominic Thiem was a bit better'

Roger Federer does not have too many regrets looking back at his loss to Dominic Thiem in the Indian Wells final. The Swiss player said: "I'm not too disappointed. I feel like he had to come up with the goods, and it did feel like to some extent it was on my racquet.

[I] just came up against somebody who was, on the day, a bit better when it really mattered. That's how it goes. Sure, it's frustrating and disappointing and sad to some extent. But look, I have been in these positions so many times that I get over it very quickly”.

Federer added: “I feel like I'm actually playing good tennis. Like, in Australia, I wasn't too down on myself because I feel like my game is there, my body is there. The body is perfectly fine. That also always keeps me upbeat, and I feel it's a privilege when I feel this way leaving a tournament.

I have been playing every single day for the past three weeks. I can be very happy and proud of that fact. I feel really good, so why shouldn't I go into the tournament and to the event confident? I think when you feel that way, you take it more...

positively? I don't know how to explain, but it's just not as dramatic. Whereas, when you're hurt and things are difficult… maybe those hurt more”. Federer is committed to play the Miami Open next. He also praised his opponent: “I'm happy for Dominic, winning his first Masters 1000, as well.

It's a massive event to win I just got my 100th in Dubai, and I had a good week here. Really, there is no reason to get down. Plus there is more to look forward to in Miami”.