Roger Federer: 'The fastest guy, not most talented, has more success now'

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Roger Federer: 'The fastest guy, not most talented, has more success now'

In a recent interview, Roger Federer gave an important insight into how tennis changed according to him. The Swiss player said: "You have to be physically fit and mentally have the passion to play, which has never been an isssue.

For me it's more about staying physically healthy, because I do feel that if I am not 100% fit it becomes really difficult, because the tennis game today has moved in a way where it becomes a game of movement. Almost the best mover achieves more success, it's not how it used to be maybe the most talented, the most powerful player.

Today the fastest guy usually has more success and that's why I am working hard on my fitness overall but also on my speed, and I think that is gonna bring you have success. Then by winning a lot you get confident, then confidence as we know in tennis is very important."

Federer also recalled two of his matches against Andre Agassi: The first one when I had to defend my title in 2005, I look back at that final against Andre and I really thought he might be playing his last match and retiring.

He didn't, ended up playing for one more year, but the energy in the stadium was incredible because they were all supporting Andre, in a huge way. Then I think the year before that I played him in his one match that got interrupted at night came back during the day and there was incredible.

It was very special and it was a true test to see mentally how strong i was. So for me those two were really big matches and really gave me the belief that I could win difficult matches or handle incredible amounts of pressure which I was able to."