Roger Federer proud of proving people wrong by having success as a father

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Roger Federer proud of proving people wrong by having success as a father

In a press conference Roger Federer reflected on how fatherhood made him a better player. The Swiss is a father of four children, including two of them who were born in 2009. Federer is proud about the success he got as a father over the last decade: "My children is just an incredible inspiration for me to be able to see them grow up day after day has been wonderful, and I have also been very fortunate that they were able to travel with me so much.

I have a wife who is so supportive of everything that I do, that she doesn't say what, You go to the tournaments, it's too hard, so we come with you. I think it has helped my game honestly even though there is always a lot of talk once you become a father, once you get older you don't have as much success but honestly I think I played some best of my tennis when Mirka was pregnant and right after.

It was for me a time when it was just happiness all around and still today is the same and gives me a great balance in my life." Federer also reflected on the importance of being supported by his camp on a daily basis: "The team is always very important in any aspect of your life if it's in business or in your life.

To have a good team, good friends around you is key. To be able to pick the right ones is another quality leaders tend to have. For me always harmony and the team has been very important but also people who can challenge me, who can tell me, Roger, don't you think you should change this, we have an idea for you, a solution and i am very happy if they tell me that and if they do see a problem, or they think I can still improve.

It's important for me to hear criticism sometimes because that's what makes me a better player and that means someone is questioning me who really cares about me and that's really important in the business world as well, and I think i have done quite well over the years considering always having a team around me."