Roger Federer: 'I hope I can learn from Bill Gates'

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Roger Federer: 'I hope I can learn from Bill Gates'

Roger Federer played two charity matches with the Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates, in April 2017 at Seattle and last year in March at San Jose. Federer plans to see Gates again on the same side of tennis court this year as they are planning a charity exhibition match in Japan, benefiting the Roger Federer Foundation.

Speaking to Tennis Channel about Gates, Federer said: 'I hope I can learn from him and I hope he can tell what drove him to give back so much, and when that started for him, was that at an early age or was it much later or is it when it was defining the moment.

It will be interesting to hear those stories because as a human person you always have a moment in time where you look back where you say, That's what I was learning the most, that was when I was a crossroad that I had to take a turn.

I have been there many times before and philanthropy is something that I have been into for the last 15 years now but it's really in the last few years, six-seven years now where we were able to really raise a lot of money.

We have probably raised up to 50 million dollars by now with the Foundation and then it's about the projects you find, and we are focusing on early childhood education in South Africa, and just getting everything right is very important to be super transparent when you have your own Foundation and I have had great people who have helped me along the way and then as you grow and as you meet people you learn and you start to be making better and better choices and so being around the life of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates is so special.'