O'Sullivan: 'Roger Federer might've won 40 Majors without Novak or Rafa'

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O'Sullivan: 'Roger Federer might've won 40 Majors without Novak or Rafa'

Recognized as the greatest players in their particular sports, Ronnie O'Sullivan and Roger Federer have always shared admiration towards each other, both equipped with incredible ability to score wins with a minimum effort and stay on a high level for over 20 years.

The five-time snooker world champion had made a name for himself already in 1993 when he won the UK Championship at the age of 17, winning 35 ranking titles up to date and passing 1000-century mark at the Players Championship to add another massive milestone to his already impressive tally.

At the age of 43, Ronnie O'Sullivan is one of the most experienced but also the best players in the world, still eager to fight for the most significant titles. Speaking about different eras and records, Ronnie mentioned Roger and his incredible 20 Grand Slam crowns claimed with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic around.

O'Sullivan thinks Federer could have won approximately 40 Major titles without the Serb and the Spaniard as his main rivals, a little bit optimistic thought but also another proof of his enormous respect towards the Swiss star who is among the oldest players on the Tour.

Despite that, Roger was the finalist of the first Masters 1000 tournament of the season at Indian Wells, losing to Dominic Thiem but still enduring in the top-5 of the ATP rankings a few months before the 38th birthday. “It is always hard to compare between eras in terms of what you have won.

If you won them when fields were weak, that doesn’t mean as much. The best records I think about are ones like Roger Federer in tennis, who won all his Majors with Nadal, Djokovic around. How many would he have won without them there? Maybe 40.

I am not sure how to measure myself against Stephen Hendry - but as long as I get a buzz from snooker, I will keep doing it”.