Roger Federer opens up on the mistakes he made against Dominic Thiem

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Roger Federer opens up on the mistakes he made against Dominic Thiem

Roger Federer thinks he could have definitely have done some things better in his Indian Wells final loss against Dominic Thiem. The Swiss player said: "I thought that the game he broke me I didn't serve very well, so I think he took advantage of that fact.

He was downwind, so that helped maybe a little bit. But credit to him for fighting through that 2-1 game, I believe it was, 1-All game to go 2-1 down or up, and he was able to save that and then break, you know, getting the lead.

I think that was a really important five minutes in the match. It was crucial. I think I must have made some mistakes the way I was gonna serve him, construct the points. But he definitely did well there." In the third set, 5-5, the game with the two drop shots, what were Federer thinking then? What was he planning there? "To win the point, and I didn't.

So things didn't go my way. He played them well. It's that simple. I don't know what to tell you. I thought that the first one hit very well. The second one, if he doesn't pick it up quick, he's not going to be there, but he did.

So the second one I should have hit it, but I didn't. So just these little things, you know, that matter today. You know, again, he did very well when he got up to the ball, stayed calm, made the shot. And I maybe should have covered the first one, I feel like, but again, you know, he looks good when he gets there, and that's what clay courters can really do.

Yeah, I mean, he stayed cool under pressure there." Federer could face Dominic Thiem in the final of the Miami Open, too. The two players seeded fourth and third respectively, have been drawn in the bottom and top half of the men's draw in Miami. Thiem could play Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals in Miami.