Dominic Thiem shares how coach helped him to beat Roger Federer

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Dominic Thiem shares how coach helped him to beat Roger Federer

In press conference Dominic Thiem commented on how his new additional coach Nicolas Massu helped him to prepare a proper tactics to defeat Roger Federer. The Austrian said: "We talked about the matchup before, and obviously Roger is a complete player, so it's tough to find some things, but I did find some little ways.

And if we both play really well, what I think we did today, then at the end it's gonna be a really close match. Then it's also a little bit about luck, about momentum. And I think that the tactic, it's not really the most important, then, anymore.

It's amazing to have him in the box, because he's so motivated. He puts the motivation on myself on the court. That's great. Beside the matches, we had a great intensity in the practices before Indian Wells. Because in, yeah, like, 12, 13 days, he got me from physically not in good shape, tennis-wise not in good shape, he got me, well, to an Indian Wells champion.

That's an amazing achievement also by him." On how he went through two crucial dropshots on 5-all in the third set, Thiem added: "I'm lucky, because I'm pretty fast. That's a present from my parents, I guess (smiling).

You cannot really practice that. Still, I mean, he covers the net well, so it was good for myself that I could pass him twice. I think I'm really fast, but from time to time I have problems to move accurate, I would say. If you see all the top guys, it really looks elegant when they move.

When I see myself, doesn't really, to myself. So I have to practice that a lot to be more accurate on my shots. Mentally, it was a really good week, because I stayed focused in all the matches. I was not crying around. I was staying positive most of the time, and that's what I have to keep up now.

It's a little bit similar like US Open last year. I played a great tournament, stayed focused all the time. Here, similar now. I try to keep that momentum longer than I did last year."