Roger Federer: 'It seems like people come and watch me for the last time'

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Roger Federer: 'It seems like people come and watch me for the last time'

In an interview to NOS, Roger Federer commented on what he thinks about people watching his matches live. There are always packed crowds wherever the Swiss player goes, and even more in the last years. "It seems like to me that sometimes people come and watch me play and they do not know if it's gonna be their last time", said Federer.

"Because I am sort of that living legend, I have that aura, people know it's maybe something special they can tell about kids that they have seen me play or kids can tell their parents they saw me play. It's almost awkward for me but that's the kind of sense I got and that's what I hear a lot.

Doing so much for the game you are able to achieve it only when you do such amazing things, also maybe the way I play, I ak the only one one-hander left in the top four or five too. That's very much like to be seen because they perceive it as the older times, how Sampras, Laver, McEnroe and all these guys used to play, used to be a living legend."

Asked what he does off the court, Federer replied: "I have my kids, so I go to the zoo, I got to do stuff like go to dinner, there is my wife and friends so I do not only just stay in the hotel because my life is so busy.

But other than that I really try to live a normal life and in Switzerland, you definitely have funny things happening at the zoo, lions roaring back at you, touching. No no, but it's a lot of fun."