I still have something to prove, says Roger Federer

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I still have something to prove, says Roger Federer

Does Roger Federer have to prove something to people? The Swiss won a lot of titles, and he replied: "Yes, to myself, to my supporters, to Switzerland. I want to show that I love to play and win, that I can still do it, time and time again.

I definitely have that drive. I always thought I had a good perspective, like people asking me when I had kids if that really gave me a perspective and I did not feel I needed kids for that. I had kids because I loved my wife and I wanted to create a family more than anything.

So for me it has always been like, If tennis ended tomorrow, I am still happy because I am very proud of what I achieved, but tennis is a very short part of my life that you have to be able to live without being injured and you should be fine without that one day too.

That has always been a mindset I have had and that's helped to stay more calm throughout my career." Federer also commented on how his character changed over the years: "I was very emotional when I was younger, and I think by the age of 22-25, I thought, Okay, maybe losing is fine.

I think that only came because I won that match all of a sudden, so I knew that those wins, nobody could take them away from me, that's good to know and now you have just to prove yourself every single day and everything it comes is like a bonus.

I have been on this bonus trip since a long time and playing this way has actually been much more enjoyable even though chasing records and playing against the other top guys has also created it owns pressure but a different one than when you are up and coming and trying to make the breakthrough. So it's quite challenging and especially you are young and you are emotional. It's quite difficult."