Roger Federer set to buy stunning property in Switzerland - Full details

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Roger Federer set to buy stunning property in Switzerland - Full details

Roger Federer is reportedly building a 40 Million Swiss Franc in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, as reported by Zürichsee-Zeitung newspaper on Wednesday. Federer lives in Valbella, owns property in Dubai and also an almost 6,000 mq.

feet ground in Herrliberg on Zurich lake. Federer now bought a 16,000 mq. feet in Kempratner Bay which is near to the lake. A group of designers coming from the United States and South Africa took the job. "Projects also showed that there is a tennis court and a sports facility on the plan, outdoors", the newspaper stated.

Moving there could be a smart move for Federer in terms of taxes as well. Federer, in Miami, said: "Of course I do not want to speak about it. But what I can say: I like living in Switzerland. You know that. The news does not come as something new, it existed already from the past summer.

People always spoke about where I live, where I build, what I do", said Federer, who sold a property in Wollerau last year. In 2015 Federer moved to Valbella region where he has been owning a ground since 2011. "I generally do not like to give information on these things.

But I love living in Switzerland and that has always been like this. It's also very important for Mirka and my family." The authority Barbara Keller-Inhelder lives near the place: "I saw the project. It's very inspiring!

It could not be nicer. The view on the lake is a privileged one." , she told Blick. The SRF commentator Stefan Burer is the president of the Rapperswil tennis club. "The whole Federer family is more than welcome in our city and our club. Roger often comes here with his children at the zoo, he is so human and they are all so nice!"