Federer knew he would be successful since start to his career -Toni Nadal

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Federer knew he would be successful since start to his career -Toni Nadal

In an interview to Tuttosport, the Rafael Nadal's uncle, Toni, commented on the Rafa Nadal Academy that has been there since 2016. Toni explained how their training method works. "Each of us is aware of his own qualifies, you can try to achieve your goal in every single practice or match", said Toni.

"For example, Roger Federer knew that he would become Federer since ever he started his career, especially because you always imagine, inside yourself, an optimistic future where you win and get a lot of success. No one imagines himself doing the contrary, that would be ridiculous.

It's an important mental journey where each of us builds his own journey. That's why prepared coaches need to be there: the commitment between the coach and player becomes the key. How and when the coach speaks is important.

I believe in the physical and mental intensity, I do not believe at technology because I cannot stay in front of a video for many hours analyzing movement or technique. I just think: 'Hit the ball and do not make your life complicated'

Your opponent is never an enemy, Novak Djokovic and Federer have been rivals with who sometimes you did well, sometimes bad, but the loss has never been a tragedy. I cheer for FC Barcelona, but I was never against Real Madrid."

"Jaume Munar was around the 280th ranking position when he came to us and he is now almost a top 50 player. He can still improve, he is good technique-wise and physically, but he still cannot hit a proper winner to close the rally.

I teached him not to never get pleased and to motivate himself, but it will be up to him to find keys to improve even more. The Norwegian Casper Ruud cracked the top 100. He is a golden guy who was a very educated family next to him.

He needs to be a bigger grinder, but I see he can do important things in the future. These days we are living with a big joy the successes of a girl that can really become a top ten player: the 18-year-old Spaniard Rosa Vicens Mas who won a Futures tournament and as a world No.

650 she reached Tunisi semifinals. And then you have the 16-year-old Pedro Vives who comes to train here in Mallorca. Rafa believes he has some qualities and that's why he often asks him to be his hitting partner. We will see if he will be able to take opportunities to improve himself and his game."