Insider explains why Roger Federer can't be considered the greatest ever

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Insider explains why Roger Federer can't be considered the greatest ever

Is Roger Federer the greatest player ever? Acapulco Tournament Director Raul Zurutuza believes you cannot say it 100 per cent. Speaking to Tennis World USA, Zurutuza said: "That's a good and difficult question. He is definitely one of the best, but also Nadal did well, Laver was very good, McEnroe was fantastic.

Circumstances and technology change over the years, the game is different. Somebody would think that Djokovic is the best one, somebody thinks it's Nadal, many people pick Federer. I love the way they play, their values."

We saw some empty seats during the women's matches, especially on the Central Court. Do they plan to keep the WTA tournament? "Yeah, that's the plan. One of the challenges we have is that the whole area the event takes place in is very funny.

So sometimes fans prefer to stay in the bars, but we are happy with the women's event. Next year it will be our tenth anniversary with them and we plan to keep them." Explaining the challenges in holding such an important tournament like Acapulco year by year, Zurutuza concluded: "The Mexican Open has a 26-year successful history.

The next years will be our most challenging ones because we have a new Federal Government, that has different views in supporting sports events. But at the same time, we have been having a very strong relationship with our companies for several years.

We have a very good tournament with high international standard featuring some of the best tennis in the world. Players and fans will keep supporting us."