Tennis won't struggle after Federer, Nadal, Djokovic retirement - Zurutuza

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Tennis won't struggle after Federer, Nadal, Djokovic retirement - Zurutuza

A lot of new faces competed at the Acapulco Mexican Open a few weeks ago, and the final featured the 23-year-old Nick Kyrgios beating the 21-year-old Alexander Zverev. Does tennis have a good future once Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic retire? It was the Acapulco Tournament Director Raul Zurutuza to answer the question in an exclusive interview with Tennis World USA.

"Of course! We have to be prepared to see new faces playing and new young guys taking the stage. Zverev, Shapovalov, there are many players. After McEnroe, somebody else comes off. After Sampras, as well. There are stages in life and tennis has a great future", said Zurutuza.

Kyrgios definitely had a very intense week as he won the title after defeating players like Zverev, Stan Wawrinka and Rafael Nadal, but also getting booed by the crowd. Zurutuza did not criticize the Australian: "I can give an opinion on his overall campaign, not that match in particular.

The way he interacted with his fans, someone liked it, someone did not. I think it's part of his personality. I may agree, I may not disagree. But at the end Mexican fans welcomed him as a great champion, the match against Nadal was a great one.

That's the way he acts, I cannot say whether that's good or bad." A few weeks ago Zurutuza had shared a similar concept: "No one will forget the Big Four and we will have to get used to seeing younger players, Ferrer now is going through a new stage."