Roger Federer opens up on his physical shape ahead of Miami Open

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Roger Federer opens up on his physical shape ahead of Miami Open

Roger Federer does not feel too tired after playing 11 matches between Dubai and Indian Wells. Speaking at the Miami Open on Wednesday, the Swiss said: "Not too bad. The walkover I had with Rafa Nadal gave me a day off at a crucial stage of the tournament, so I really came out of it not too tired.

I came straight from the airport to practice on to Centre Court here and got ready so I had energy left, not that I knew it was gonna rain on Tuesday. I thought it was the better way to do it and I was right to make sure that I got some practising on to the new Center Court, so now I am just very happy with how I am feeling and that things are going as good as they have the last three weeks.

It's been a big thrill for me." Federer also analyzed his loss to Dominic Thiem: "Dominic played a good final, we both had a good week, and I did not really feel like I was looking back at massively missed opportunities or something didn't go well.

Also important is that I feel very good about how my body is and that's always as important of a feeling to have to go into the next week. Now we are here in Miami and I am really happy to be here. That's crucial as well for what's to come."

On the new venue, he concluded: It's a big change, big deal for tennis, moving away from Key Biscayne which is an iconic place in many ways for me but especially for the tour. It has hosted all the best players over the last decades there and players and fans always enjoyed the drive out to Key Biscayne over the bridge seeing the nice water and the change is different.

It's a totally different feeling here, the stadium is massive, it's a stadium within the stadium, so it's exciting as fresh. It's new, it's bold, it's a big move and I understand why the move has been made, seeing Indian Wells grow, Miami could not make Key Biscayne grow and I think them just wanting to change it up again."