Roger Federer: I could hit forehand, slice in my sleep

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Roger Federer: I could hit forehand, slice in my sleep

Roger Federer explained how fatherhood made his life more fun and more challenging on the tour. The Swiss regularly travels with his four children and his wife Mirka. "I had to adapt to some new situations," said Federer.

"I can still practice as much as I want but I just want to be a bit more smart and precise in my decision making. I always have a very normal family life and I always recreate a home away from home everywhere I go so the kids feel at home, my wife feels good, I feel good.

We have a lot of friends coming to see us and greet us at the tournaments and it is really a lot of fun." Asked what his best shots are, Federer replied: "My forehand and my slice, those are shots I feel like I can hit in my sleep without missing, but then I always think that shots really look nice when you are on the move, it's much more spectacular and elegant than just standing here and hitting a shot, so I like to hit a shot when I am moving.

He continued, "It's been a bit of a benefit for me because the faster the court the smaller the margins are, so in some ways so I became such a great athlete from the baseline that I could defend and attack so well with my footwork and then with my technique that allowed me to do so many things.

Slow surfaces may also have helped me a little bit but I feel like it's getting a bit too extreme. We are more all-around players and that is also because we do not have that many attacking players, we do not have the urge to come to the net so times have changed a little bit."