Roger Federer: 'I was an angry person on the court as a teenager'

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Roger Federer: 'I was an angry person on the court as a teenager'

In an interview, Roger Federer reflected on the bad behaviour he used to have as a teenager. The Swiss player said: "I also had my bad times, I struggled with my temper, I was an angry person on the court and very sad once I lost.

I was more always very sad commentating every point I lost and I was like, Okay, play today is terrible. It took me a long time to get really serious and maybe that's the small regret I have, maybe that I did not realize or react earlier but with all the success I have had, I had a very normal and clear path.

It took me more time than other players maybe to breakthrough but once I broke through, everything was in place and it was. I did not become a superstar overnight so I think that helps me today." Federer also spoke about two of his biggest idols: "My idol Stefan Edberg growing up, I admired his volley, his behaviour and then Bjorn Borg later I heard so many stories from my coach Peter Lundgren and all these great records and what an influential and great person was for the game of tennis and this is obviously when I started to admire Bjorn as well and everybody who did such amazing things for tennis.

I am thankful too because they created the great platform we play in today and I hope I can do something similar for the next generation." Federer will play the clay-court season for the first time since 2016. He committed to Madrid and French Opens.