Roger Federer explains why he keeps playing tennis

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Roger Federer explains why he keeps playing tennis

What keeps Roger Federer in the game of tennis at 37 years of age? The Swiss player gave an interesting answer. "The love for the sport and still wanting to achieve more. It's very important to set yourself clear goals as a tennis player.

It's not just enough to like it and travel around the world. If it's too much of a sacrifice because we do it from January to November every single year and that's the tough part, but it's also the nice part, I have a wonderful family, I still have success, I really enjoy working out in the gym, practice and then especially playing in front of packed crowds", recognized Federer.

On how he wants to be remembered by people once he retires from the professional sport, the world No. 5 added: "I just want to be remembered as a good guy for tennis, that may be inspiring a young generation of players coming up, that they remembered that I was always fair in my matches, that I brought the game forward and that people enjoyed watching me play.

I will not be remembered for the bad things. I have really had such a wonderful time on the tour, so I just want the people to have had fun watching me play, I had a blast and I hope it was the same for the people who follow tennis."

On what makes Wimbledon such a special tournament to him, the Swiss, who won eight titles there (in 2017 he broke Pete Sampras's seven crowns record), Federer added: "Everything happened for me there, it starts with my idols - Becker, Edberg, Sampras - I was so often in the living room watching them win and play, so for me it's an absolute dream come true to have this opportunity there.

Then it started to successfully, I won the junior title in '98, then beat Sampras, my hero, in 2001, my first time on the Center Court, then winning my first Grand Slam there."