Roger Federer shares what makes Nadal, Djokovic and him unique

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Roger Federer shares what makes Nadal, Djokovic and him unique

Roger Federer shared what has made Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and him special over the years. The Big Three have combined to win 52 Grand Slam titles and they are not on the verge of retirement yet. "I think it's the consistency, the quality we show in every single tournament.

You look at all the individual characteristics of each player and the way we play, we are very different. That's what the people are very interested. There is a strong rivalry, there is also a good friendship, we get along well, without them I would not be able to play around today and I have enjoyed the rivalry we have had," said Federer.

On having a street named after him in Basel, Federer said: "It's great. I am lucky to have such friendly neighbors. When I was in the semifinals of Olympics they said that I was getting a street named after Roger Federer.

It was a lovely gesture and I will always remember it." Why does he keep playing tennis? "I love the game. I love everything about tennis, travel, even the press. Signing autographs, practicing is not something I really enjoyed doing in the past so I have always been very hungry for the success and I got to stay like that because otherwise, I am just hanging around and not really wanting to achieve anything anymore."

Federer commented on how he feels about being in the late stage of his career and possibly retiring from tennis in some time. Rod Laver said that the Swiss told him he wants to play until 40 years of age. "I try not to think about it, I try to push it away because I have the feeling the more time I think about how an exit would be, it's just like around the corner and that's why I have no idea how it's gonna work out, if it's going to be an injury or whatever.

If you look in the history of the best players they have all retired totally different. Winning as many tournaments as I can, I do not play 30 tournaments like I used to be, I tell you there is no better feeling than leaving a week after having won a title," said Federer.