Being at the back end of my career makes me sad, says Roger Federer

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Being at the back end of my career makes me sad, says Roger Federer

In an interview for the ATP YouTube Channel with the 19-year-old Serb Miomir Kecmanovic, Roger Federer admitted that being in the late stage of his career makes him sad. “I think when you’re young you always think it has to happen tomorrow.

Just have a blast out there. I wish I was your age and could do it all over again. I’m a little bit sad I’m at the back end of my career but I’m sure you’ll have a great career." Federer also gave Kecmanovic a piece of advice: “Enjoy yourself.

And you have enough time." Tennis pundit Sam Smith admitted that the slower conditions could affect Federer's performance in Miami: "It could do. What is interesting is that historically when the tournament was in Key Biscayne, because of the slow ball through the air, they left the courts fairly slick.

They didn’t put too much sand in them so they played much more quickly. But from what the players are saying, these courts are playing slowly. Obviously, they haven’t been played on [much] so they may quicken up (over the tournament)”.

For Federer, that's not a worry: “I really think it’s actually pretty good. I think it’s just humid here instead of the dry heat in the desert. I think because of the dry heat the ball maybe bounces, jumps and travels through the air slightly faster.

Other than that it’s the same ball, the same court speed. Here you have less wind – there’s not much wind that’s able to come to the stadium – and less sun."