Roger Federer: 'You have to reinvent yourself, come up with new ideas'

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Roger Federer: 'You have to reinvent yourself, come up with new ideas'

Roger Federer has been around the world for decades, first as a junior and then a professional player. The Swiss still enjoys travelling and competing. "When we work hard we all get a bit tired", admitted Federer. "Not even talking about the jetlag and all the stress in terms of travelling we have to go through but you also get used to that lifestyle, then you come through somehow and you know that other players are working as hard as you if not harder, so you have no choice but to do that if you want to stay successful, you have to try to reinvent yourself.

Coming up with new ideas, you could improve as a person and as a player at times and for me it's been a great Evolution through the rankings back in '98 when I was a junior, the game has changed tremendously and I am playing a whole lot more aggressive, hitting the ball harder, I never thought I could play such good tennis so I really had to put in a lot of hard work sometimes.

It doesn't look like that because it's all so fluent and people gave me so many compliments but if I did not put in the hard work, there is no way I could be around today." Federer is a fan of hockey but he used to follow it more in the past: "I lost my ways.

When I was a teenager, that's when I was fully into hockey and for me, it's different today. I was lucky enough to meet several players who I like. I love hockey and it's one of my goals once I am retired as to really learn how to skate the cards."

The 37-year-old also commented on how his style evolved: “I actually wanted to do red hair at some point. I just felt like it was a time to try out stuff, you know? I wasn’t the only guy who did it”.