Roger Federer explains the hard challenges playing in Miami

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Roger Federer explains the hard challenges playing in Miami

Roger Federer didn't always perform well in Miami. The Swiss usually plays Dubai and Indian Wells before and some years he even skipped the event in Florida. Speaking to Bein Sports prior the tournament started on Wednesday, Federer commented on the challenges and on the new venue, Hard Rock Stadium: "I think in the past it's always been a very windy and hot place.

With a lot of humidity. This changes a little bit with this stadium now. There is not much wind that can come into the Stadium unlike was happening before, and also after 1:00 PM you have the shades so that could improve the quality of the game a little bit.

,For me it's always been a challenge because it's the last event of the long swing, a little bit like Canada and Cincinnati when I come to America in the end of July. You want to finish it strong before you have a surface change, and Miami, looking back at the junior years I played the championships in the late 90s so I always enjoyed coming here to Miami."

Federer also shared an interesting opinion on how tennis rarely changes things: "We do not have new arenas every day in our sport. I do not want to say that we stacked sometimes but innovations does not belong to our sport.

So standing here in this stadium right now, you see what kind of arena is and that's unique. Key Biscayne has been a special place, in Miami I had my first trip as a junior and I have been coming here for the last 25 years.

To be here is special and moving. Players loved that place but it could not grow, Indian Wells was growing more and more and you want to grow too. I see that as a happy day and I am sure once the stadium gets packed, it will look great.

They asked me to attend the ceremony and I had no problem. If you can be part of such a special moment, you should do it."